Shining in South Dakota

Issue Date: 12/13/1999 Dynamite Results

Shining in South Dakota

From Dynamite Supervisor Shelly Finck, Tripp, South Dakota

Thank you, Dynamite®!! I knew that my horses were looking better after I started feeding them Dynamite® minerals. But, I didn't realize how much different until I ran across an old photo of my then yearling Jasper. He had been eating Equine Jr., and then a local feed that contained some animal products. (Sorry, I know you are cringing, I just didn't know better yet!) I had to run out and take pictures again last week just to show the difference!! Can you believe that is his winter coat in that second picture!! No bath either. It was too cold for anything like that so I just used a soft bristle brush and took the top layer of dust off him and took the picture. He's now 19 months old and beautiful. My other 2 horses and pony are just as shiny. One night I called the horses up for their Dynamite® after dark with just the yard light shining in the distance. My husband commented, "they even shine when it's dark outside". Jasper gets a quart or so of straight oats, regular Dynamite®, a cup or so of H.E.S.(tm) Pellets, the free choices, and grass hay and pasture. The proof is in the pictures, there's a definite Dynamite® Difference!!

Jasper last spring -- before Dynamite®
Jasper now, in winter coat!

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