Surprise Colt……….Mother Nature knows best!

January 25, 2003

From Dynamite® Director Sally Ann Maas, Redlands, CA

With all the dismay among my breeder friends over a crummy breeding season, I was amazed to find that my retired QH mare popped out a wonderful colt the week of Thanksgiving. Last year (winter) I put the mare out in the field with some young colts, thinking she was in anestrus. All of a sudden, I became aware that they were standing around her. I whisked her back inside, hoping I wasn't too late. Then I forgot about it. This fall she became increasingly lame and unhappy. Her tummy was misshapen and I suspected she was terminally ill. The day before I was hauling off to the vet, expecting the worst, she delivered this perfect little colt. She hadn't had a foal in about eight years (our decision). She hadn't been vaccinated. She was supplemented like the active broodmares out of convenience with Regular Dynamite® and Breeder Pac(tm) and occasionally the Free Choices.

Without all the money spent on vets and high tech, Mother Nature came through with one of the most perfect foals in all our years of breeding sporthorses!


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