The power of a simple program! TB rescue mare

Issue Date: 11/28/2002 Dynamite Results

The power of a simple program! TB rescue mare From Dynamite Supervisor Michella Littlejohn, Monroe, WA

This note and photos are from Cassie Aaenson, who rescued this TB mare and put her on a simple program of just Dynamite® and dry corn, oats and barley mix with her hay. They are pretty good proof Dynamite® is doing its job. The dates are on the pictures....but only 65 days inbetween them...Pretty dramatic difference.

Hi Michella,
I was going through my photos today and I found the before and after shots of Sadie the TB that we put on Dynamite® last June. I thought you might like to see a couple of the pics (they are really dramatic). She's doing really well now... my sis rode her the other day and thinks she's had a significant amount of training (maybe 3rd level dressage). The photos are labeled with the dates and the total time she had been on feed program between takes was 65 days. Quite a difference! See you at the barn, Cassie.

Sadie at rescue time, before Dynamite®
Sadie 65 days later

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