The Rest of Omner’s Mission

Issue Date: 09/27/2001 Dynamite Results

The Rest of Omner's Mission From Dynamite Director Beverly Gray, Park City, Utah

Hi Judy;
What could Omner possibly do more in his life?
After a series of incredible "dah, I get it" messages, I donated Omner to the National Ability Center in Park City. I've been giving childrens' riding lessons with him all Summer. He is so gentle and loves children.
I know Omner has a gift and he needed to move on from what he has given to me for so many years. I can share his gift. His message is "never give up hope" and I believe the children and adults of the National Ability Center will benefit from the miracles he has to send their way. The staff and myself are in tears that I/he could be so generous with such a famous horse. Omner wants to be their Star now!!!!!! He is so special, I couldn't think of a better mission. The NAC benefit is September 15th where he will be presented to the children.
Happy Trails,

Note from Judy:
You can read Omner's Story of cancer recovery with Beverly's love and Dynamite®, and his subsequent rise to fame as an AERC Hall of Fame Endurance Horse, multiple winner of the Outlaw Trail 265 mile/5 day race, and his immortalization as a Breyer Model Horse at in Dynamite Results. The Breyer model of Omner is sold in many children's cancer hospitals as a model of hope and recovery. As Beverly says, his story is for the people who "need a little magic and Dynamite® in their lives". Dynamite® has donated a year's supply of Dynamite Plus(tm) for Omner and the other horse at the center. I know I speak for all of us when I salute Beverly for her love and energy in supporting Omner in his mission on the planet, and for her unselfish generosity in allowing her best friend to move on to the people who need him now. OK, I am stopping now because I can't see my computer screen for the tears………..We think you are Dynamite®, Beverly and Omner!

Omner and his kids.........

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