Thirty-two Year Old Dynamite® Pony

Issue Date: 01/02/2000 Dynamite Results

Thirty-two Year Old Dynamite® Pony

From Dynamite® Director Julie McCubbins, Touchet, WA

This is a photo of our 32-year old pony, Sox, with our daughter Cassie, taken last summer. We just wanted everyone to see how great a "senior" Dynamite® horse can look. Especially, note his excellent tail growth and his back, which has not gone down at all in spite of his decades of carrying kids around in 4H and more. Sox has been on Dynamite® for at least 15 years now, and he eats Complete Grain Ration™, grass hay and pasture, and a little regular Dynamite®. He also gets SOD™ for 10 days every three months, which has controlled tumors on his sheath and penis for over 5 years, and the Free Choices. Without the SOD™, I really believe he would not be around any more! We are a Dynamite® family, from the humans to the horses and dogs, and we have also seen much greater yields and reduced aphids on our alfalfa seed crop with HumiZyme RX™; we are impressed!


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