Vogue’s Songs – A Story of Love and Survival

From Dynamite Director Linda Bogatay, Klamath Falls, OR

(Background music really should be playing as I relate the tale of horror that was Vogue's Life.)
I fell in love with a wonderful grey mare at a VERY reputable breeding operation after months of searching and consideration. (AND in their defense they tried to help me by checking with their vet records later on.) When I returned to the barn to purchase the mare, an elegant 4 year old chestnut filly chose me.................I kid you not. Sensing she knew better than I, Rob and I coughed up the additional monies and proceeded to load her for her maiden trailer voyage.

We arrived home, settled in and the first five weeks were divine..............I was "Dancin' on the Ceiling", the world was mine.
Almost to the day after the five beautiful weeks Vogue began a descent into hell. There is NO other fitting metaphor. Weight loss due to the diarrhea and anorexia, severe edema, hives, light and sound sensitivity, blisters, on and on. The insects were attempting to eat her alive. Her pasture friend, my beloved mare Blondie, wore a bell so that Vogue could locate her when her eyes were swollen completely closed. When she could see she had to be let out of the barn only at dusk or overcast days and then with a mask so that light and/or reflection off of the snow would not further irritate her. She lost over 350# and had oozing sores EVERYWHERE.......................under the eyelids, her udder, on the tail bone, the vulva, inside her ears, the mouth.......EVERYWHERE. The 1000s of sores would ooze serum that you could literally hear as they 'plopped' to the ground. (The 'before' photos were taken on what we considered a 'good' day, maybe a 3 out of 10. Three times my vets said it was time to let her go.)

AND then the seizures began. She would convulse, then heavy full body tremors and then go crashing to the ground............always to her right. Terrifying as you can only imagine. This would happen daily at the least and during ANY stress or cold weather multiple times to even hourly. The sores had to be sponge bathed 2-3 times a day, the wind chill often below zero for days. A hot water heater and a warm room were installed so that she would not freeze, literally, during the process before we could get the blow dryers on her.

Rob and I NEVER both left her, checking her numerous times throughout the nights. On the RARE occasions that I HAD to leave to gather groceries and run to the feed store my husband would sit outside with her, both all bundled up. I was terrified that he might miss the signs of the final seizure and that she would die in her stall. NO ONE WAS GOING TO DISMEMBER HER BODY-----------I'd make them dismantle the barn first.

This was our life for 25 months and 11 days. Every test imaginable had been done. I heard "allergies to an unknown source" so many times I dreaded picking up the phone when the vets called with lab results. Buckets of money spent and the consensus was she did NOT have another winter in her. 6 years old and I needed to put her down.

In September of '07 my equine chiropractor came once again from California, hoping to make her a bit more comfortable after yet another series of seizures. He made the comment that I should call this man that he had taken a seminar from and plead my case. Plead is a nice term. Actually I begged, groveled, cried (you know the kind.....your nose runs, you hiccup, you look like a truck had hit you?) and I prayed he would consider on such short notice helping my Vogue. "Rock of Ages" is now playing. Pixie Murphy, one of the clinic sponsors, got me into the Clinic in Glide, OR (Things Your Horse Would Love To Tell You, with Regan Golob and Judy Sinner) and onto the list for Regan to look her over (as one of the Clinic demo horses). While I waited, the days crawled by, but Pixie suggested that I begin Dynamite Miracle Clay, DynaPro, TNT and Release. I discovered that if I sprayed her blankets with Release it curtailed the static that was making her life even more miserable. When I carefully removed her blanket, if it was dark, I could literally witness a "sheet lightning" show that frightened her to no end. She did improve considerably on this very basic Dynamite program. Finally, we load her up, knowing the four hour trip may be all that she has in her, and she wasn't as bad as she would be in a couple of weeks when winter hit our basin with its vengeance. Summer and early autumn were more kind to her. The final "amen" was imminent, and we knew it.

They tell me Regan and Judy actually lectured all that morning. I wouldn't know, all I could hear was Vogue screaming in her stall that was below us. Finally it was time for these two gifted and knowledgeable people to meet my mare. After moments of observing, gently touching (she wouldn't just flinch, she'd buckle to the ground), reassuring her (and me) and muscle testing, her new theme ........."Stayin' Alive" began, for the both of us. I was told she had Vaccinosis and Herpes. With a nutritional plan, a long list of products that then seemed foreign and mystical in hand, and hope in my heart for the first time in over two years, we came home. We were warned there would be detoxing (you name it she did it) and that it would take 2-3 years for optimal health to be her norm. The music progressed to "Chariots of Fire". Life was improving.

We followed ABSOLUTELY to the letter every piece of advice we were given and the 'music' changed once again.................."Rocky" was our motto! She wasn't just 'existing' she was FIGHTING. She has consumed a UPS truckload of products and enough SOD and Miracle Clay that Vogue's picture needs to be on the containers. Still, my Dynamite costs do not hold a candle to her previous treatment bills. All of the findings have been confirmed by an European Hair Analysis Lab this September.

Just two weeks ago back to Glide, Oregon we went for Regan and Judy to see Vogue. There were many tears from those that met this dear creature only one year ago. There are not words to convey the trust, gratitude and wonder that I could ever pen, so deep is my appreciation. Vogue just turned 7 years old and Regan and Judy concur that I may start riding her! I look forward to the intensive study that I will participate in next April to refine the skills I need to ease my beloved horses' lives in a domestic and chaotic world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Regan, Judy, Pixie and Dynamite. You have taught me "not to hope for a miracle but to expect one".

AND..............our new song? "I Can Do Anything, I am Woman"!!!

For the love of Vogue, Linda M. Bogatay


Vogue in winter 2007 - "on a good day"


Vogue now! November 2008

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