Wound Salve™ versus Snake Bite

Issue Date: 11/24/1999 Dynamite Results

Wound Salve™ versus Snake Bite

From Dynamite Director Sally Ann Maas, Redlands, CA

Sandra is our foundation Dutch mare. She was at another ranch to be bred, and when I visited her to feed her, I saw something terrible had happened. She looked like she had been whacked in the face with a board. Actually, it turns out a rattlesnake had bitten her. The vet said to expect that the wound on her face would putrify and that we'd be able to smell her as we walked out the driveway to the horse property. I immediately started using Dynamite® Wound Salve on the injured area and we bought a large fly mask to cover her face. The wound never got smelly and it gradually closed without even leaving a scar. Sandra is fed Dynamite®, Breeder Pac(tm) and Izmine(tm).

This is my second experience with a horrific wound. One of the youngsters was kicked above the knee. I discovered it when I went out for the morning feeding. The wound was open to the bone. This filly was not a good patient. The vet was able to clean out the wound the first day, and then the filly became quite uncooperative. She barely allowed me to swipe the area with Wound Salve(tm), but that's all I was allowed to do for her. It was in the middle of fly season and the Salve kept the wound clean. It too has healed with the thinnest of scarring.

Wound Salve(tm) is a fabulous product!

Sandra with her snake bite.
Later........almost healed.

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