Horse Testimonials

Dynamite Group plus

Kim Schramm Meyers  · November 25, 2021 · Felt a bit of colic (or something) coming on this evening at supplement time. Zaeta took ffffooooorever coming up to the barn and wanted nothing to do with a carrot, which to me, was a red flag. She wanted nothing to do with her Dynamite and Dynapro either. She literally (after some time) took the carrot and spit it out. I gave her 60 to 80cc’s (spillage and what not) of Dynapro and let her go. About 30 minutes later I went out and she was laying in the field. I stalled her and waited. I listened for the gut sounds that were so faint. 30 minutes later, manure and a new horse. She heard the crack of the carrot breaking and flung her head out of the stall. She quickly ate it and I gave her the Dynamite and Dynapro, down it went as normal. She drank, as usual, after her supplements were gone and off she went. I am so amazed again how well this work. I’m so thankful for Dynamite. I’m so thankful for my guidance from Holly Kresky Wiebelhaus! Love sharing something so positive!